Investigative Counter-Terrorism Policing

The Investigative Counter-Terrorism Policing workstream assists Jordan’s civil security agencies to understand the nature and scope of the threat of crime, disorder and violent extremism in Jordan, whilst supporting the identification of perpetrators of crime and patterns of criminal behaviour. 

We have been working with Jordan’s civil security agencies on this theme since 2014, aiming to build the capability and capacity of the Public Security Directorate (PSD) and Gendarmerie to use best standards of intelligence and investigation processes to conduct investigations and operations.

A particular focus is on improving the processes by which information is collected, analysed and exploited across all security agencies before, during and after a critical security incident or in response to a specific threat. This line of support includes the procurement of the IBM i2 analytical package, alongside research and analytical training for members of the Gendarmerie and PSD. We have also developed and installed an intelligence database with the Gendarmerie, which is being used for logging intelligence reports.

We are also working closely with the PSD on crime scene management, and will be running workshops on international best practices from the Leadership in Counter Terrorism Group (US, Canada and Europe), as well as enhancing the PSD’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) backofffice and capability to use it as an investigative tool.