Opening Police-Community Dialogue Through the use of Forum Theatre Techniques

Effective facilitation skills are a key asset for any community police officer around the world if they are to identify and help solve problems in their local communities.

While few police services are known to use acting as a way of opening up dialogue with the community, Forum Theatre techniques can be a valuable tool to add to that arsenal of facilitation skills.  

In the last weeks, we have provided police actors from Jordan’s Public Security Directorate with an introductory workshop on these techniques. The first workshop provides participants with the initial methods used to design and run Forum Theatre workshops.

In the second phase of the initiative, the participants will be applying these methods by running workshops with community groups in their local area, tacking issues such as domestic violence and drug use – important topics that have been raised in our community engagement focus groups to-date.

Once the police actors are experienced in holding these workshops, we will seek to provide follow-up mentoring as they share these techniques with other community police actors.  

Watch the video to find out more!