Launch of Tactical Medic and Female Search Capability Project


On 7 August 2018, the Jordanian Gendarmerie, the Government of Canada and the Policing Support Team (PST) launched a capacity building project to further build the skills and tools of the Gendarmerie to respond to critical incidents and save lives.

The PST and Canada are contributing to the Gendarmerie's critical incident response efforts by providing tactical medical training and equipment to first responders of critical incidents. This support will enhance the Gendarmerie’s capacity to treat and keep alive victims of critical incidents until they are able to receive further medical treatment. 

Under this project, courageous female Gendarmerie officers will also be taking on additional tactical firearms and search training. This training will better enable them to participate on the frontlines of the response to critical incidents, where women are involved as victims or as perpetrators.

This latest initiative runs alongside and compliments the PST's existing critical incident response activities, which have included the formation and mentoring of a 18-strong Tactical Response Training Team, the refurbishment and refitting of a training building at the Gendarmerie facility at Swaga, and a range of Tactical Operations Command courses. 

For its part, Canada began its cooperation with the Jordanian Gendarmerie in 2013, by providing equipment and facilities to help manage the influx of Syrian refugees. In 2016, Canada committed additional support for a project to counter improvised explosive devices, and today, Canada is supporting this critical incident response project.

H.E. Ambassador of Canada to Jordan, Peter MacDougall, met with H.E. the General Director of the Gendarmerie, Major General Hussein Al Hawatmeh, to discuss this bilateral cooperation. He stated, “Canada's cooperation with the Gendarmerie on this critical incident response initiative is in line with Canada’s strategy to work with countries like Jordan who have experienced the most impact from the ongoing crises in Syria and Iraq. Under this regional strategy, Canada has committed more than $2 billion over three years toward security, stabilization, humanitarian and development assistance.”

For his part, His Excellency Major General Al Hawatmeh, stated that the Gendarmerie Forces are committed to upholding a security role that respects human rights and dignity, stressing the Gendarmerie Forces’ keeness continue developing their personnel through specialised training courses and international partnerships that promote best practice in security and law enforcement.

“Canada’s tactical medical and female search training project is highly promising and will enhance the capacity of the Gendarmerie’s female cadre to serve their country in a manner that is professional and appropriate for them as Jordanian women,” Hawatmeh said.